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On the web side, we specialize in DOTNET Development services. We build custom websites up to any complexity, with dynamic content, based on modern server programming technologies.

ASP (Active Server Pages) is a powerful server-side scripting technology that offers great flexibility. PHP is another scripting technology that offers a wide set of built-in features, runs on most platforms available, and provides excellent scalability. Both these development technologies can be used, based on what seems fit to your particular case. To further enhance your website development, we also specialize into building custom server components that work together with scripting technologies like ASP, PHP, and Cold Fusion etc - in fact with any web scripting technology that can use COM server components.

Our ASP developers have acquired the needed experience in building up reliable, fast web systems using ASP, PHP or Cold Fusion, using SQL Server database backbone and other technologies. If you want to obtain the most out of your website, there is always the possibility of building up any custom server components you may need.

Our own servers and websites make use of ASP scripting and PHP scripting, and also of custom server components, and we've been using these technologies since their release; both ourselves and our customers are very pleased with the results. Our websites can scale up as needed, and we can build high-traffic websites, as well as intranet servers, complex web portals, and so on.

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