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A company is known by its people. At H-LINE SOFT ACADEMY, we have approximately 1100 of the best. Skilled in cutting-edge technologies and extremely knowledgeable in multiple domains, our people work together to create customer delight.

As a company we are conscious that the first customer we need to cater to is our people and that in so doing, they will in turn keep their (and our) clients satisfied.

People policies
We have aligned our HR policies with our strategy of sustaining a high-technology business. These policies have been designed to enable scalability of our business and processes, while achieving a high level of ownership and involvement in our employees.
All our human resources endeavours are built around our core values and beliefs:

Trust and faith
Inculcating a culture of openness
Nurturing the talent of employees at the company level
Concern for individuals

Our initiatives, policies and procedures have evolved through a consultative process with a high degree of employee involvement. This has helped us create a non-hierarchical, flexible and informal work environment. We believe that the development of our people is our prime responsibility. To create this environment we have formulated a number of unique policies to develop individual potential.

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