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Microsoft .Net Technology Provide completes Environment for Developing Application System (presentation layer, Business Logic and Data link layer). And by which we can implement any Architecture such as one, two, three or n-tier Architecture. .NET is a general-purpose software development platform, similar to Java. At its core is a virtual machine that turns intermediate language (IL) into machine code. High-level language compilers for C#, VB.NET and C++ are provided to turn source code into IL. C# is a new programming language, very similar to Java. An extensive class library is included, featuring all the functionality one might expect from a contemporary development platform - windows GUI development (Windows Forms), database access (ADO.NET), web development (ASP.NET), web services, XML etc The best combination recommended most in every application development is Asp.Net with Ajax; associated language is C# and back-end as Sql Server 2000 & 2005.
news .NET-An Eye Opener
news Forms and Basic Controls
news VB.NET - Data types and Control Structures
news New language features of VB.NET
news Windows Architecture, Events and Important Controls
news Structures
news Windows User Interface capabilities of VB.NET
news Object Oriented Capabilities of VB.NET
news Data Access in VB.NET
news Web Capabilities of VB.NET (1)
news Web Capabilities of VB.NET (2)
news Interoperability and Migration
news Advanced Concepts
news Introduction to ADO.NET
news Datasets
news Data Views and Exceptions
news Create user service
news Consume and manipulate data using ADO.Net
news Test and debug an ASP.Net application
news Create and manage components and .Net assemblies
news Optimize an ASP.Net application
news Create accessible Web application
news Create locale aware Web applications
news Manage state of an ASP.Net application
news Configure and secure an ASP.Net application
news Deploy a Web application
news .Introduction to VS.NET & C#
news C# Syntax
news Classes and Inheritancen
news Interface & Abstract class
news Namespace, Versioning and Attributes
news File Handling, Exception and Unsafe Code
news Window Applications
news Threading, Networking and Manifests
news Assemblies and Manifests
news ADO.NET, COM and Web Services
news Create a well formed XML documents Using XMl schemas to define the structure of XML documents
news Using DTD to define XML documents
news Creating XML documents and validating them against a DTD
news Using XML schemas to define the structure of XML documents
news Creating XML documents and validating them against an XML schema
news Using XSL to transform XML documents and presenting the data in a Web browser
news Using JavaScript and XML Document Object Model to access and manipulate data present in an XML document
news Using SQL Server 2000 to generate XML documents
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