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Java is a high-level, third generation programming language, like C, FORTRAN, Smalltalk, Perl, and many others. You can use Java to write computer applications that crunch numbers, process words, play games, store data or do any of the thousands of other things computer software can do. Compared to other programming languages, Java is most similar to C. However although Java shares much of C's syntax, it is not C. Knowing how to program in C or, better yet, C++, will certainly help you to learn Java more quickly, but you don't need to know C to learn Java. Unlike C++ Java is not a superset of C. A Java compiler won't compile C code, and most large C programs need to be changed substantially before they can become Java programs. What's most special about Java in relation to other programming languages is that it lets you write special programs called applets that can be downloaded from the Internet and played safely within a web browser. Traditional computer programs have far too much access to your system to be downloaded and executed willy-nilly. Although you generally trust the maintainers of various ftp archives and bulletin boards to do basic virus checking and not to post destructive software, a lot still slips through the cracks. Even more dangerous software would be promulgated if any web page you visited could run programs on your system. You have no way of checking these programs for bugs or for out-and-out malicious behavior before downloading and running them. Java solves this problem by severely restricting what an applet can do. A Java applet cannot write to your hard disk without your permission. It cannot write to arbitrary addresses in memory and thereby introduce a virus into your computer. It should not crash your system.
news Fundamental &Core java & OOP's concepts
news Abstract Class, Interfaces Packages, Exception Handling
news Multi Threading
news I/O Streams
news Utilities
news Networking
news Awt/Swings..
news Introduction to JDBC/ Database (SQL)
news Driver Architectures
news Statement, Connection, Prepare Statement,
news Callable Statement (Procedures, Functions), Result Set, Transactions.
news Database MetaData
news ResultSet MetaData
news Drawbacks of File Processing System
news Introduction to Servlet
news Servlet Interface
news Generic Servlet(Life Sycle)
news Http Servlet
news Session Tracking & its Techniques
news Filter Servlet & Drawbacks of Servlets
news Mini Project on sevlets
news Introduction to jsp
news Difference between Servlet & Jsp
news Tags & Standard Action Tags
news Implicit objects
news Java Bean
news Custom Tags
news Introduction to Java RMI
news Create distributed applications using RMI
news Implementations of Interfaces
news Architecture of RMI
news Advanced Concepts in RMI
JAVA Servlets
news Introduction to Servlets
news SSI, JDBC, Applets
news Implement various Session Management techniques
news Implement Inter Servlet Communication
news Handle Errors and Exceptions in Servlet Application
news Advanced features of Servlets
JAVA Beans
news Introduction to Java Beans
news Creating Java Bean Component
news Reflection and Introspection
news Manipulating Bean Properties
news Event Handling1
news Property Editors and Customizers
news Implement Java Beans in JSP
news Advanced features of Beans
news Introduction to J2EE and EJB
news Create Home, remote and local interface of an EJB
news Create deployment descriptor of an EJB
news Define Session beans and identify its different types
news Create, deploy and access a stateless and state full Session Bean
news Define Entity Beans and identify their different types
news Create, deploy and access a Bean Managed persistence entity bean
news Define Container Managed Relationship (CMR)
news Implement CMR in a CMP entity bean
news Describe EJB QL
news Introduction to JSP
news Objects, Actions and Components
news Develop JSP Applications
news Define and implement Common JSP Tasks and Custom Tags
news Web component with JSP – Servlets
news Parse an XML document using SAX API and DOM API
news Introduction to Java
news Fundamentals of Java
news Programming
news Classes
news Arrays and Strings
news Inheritance
news Threads, Events and User Interface Components
news Exceptions and Packages
news More on AWT
news Getting started with JFC
news More on JFC Components
news Advanced JFC Components
news Interfaces and Multithreading
news Java Networking
news The Lang Package
news UTIL Package – Collections
news Other Classes of the UTIL Package
news Starting with JDBC
news Cursors, Batch Updates and Extensions
news Extensions
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