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Description Remarks
Activity control system Activity Control System is time collection software that is streamlined for billing and invoicing purposes. Activity Control System allows time tracking for customer and project related tasks Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
AP Transco It deals all about AP Transco information like customer information and Area details and complaints list. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
AP State Finance Co The system mainly deals with the automation of the activities performed at Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation (APSFC), which issued various kinds of loans to their Customers and accepts monthly installments from them. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
ATMRS This project contains all features included in ATM machine like withdraw and pin change Etc… Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Automatic Database Schema Generation The Automatic Database Schema Generation is a system, which allows the developers to focus on creating the database using the GUI interface Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
College This project includes all college information like student information and faculty information with screens. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Corporate Requirement System This project contains features of how corporate companies will do their recruitment and what is the efficient system to done their work efficiently and easily. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Courier Services It deals all about Courier Service and contains all information about source address and destination addresses of the customer. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Cyber Shop This project contains cyber shop features like how many customers are came to shop and how much time they have use the system and bulling information. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
District Collectorate This project will contains what are the collector ate office people contains and what are the complaints came from the people and what is the status of that complaint. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Doctor Online In this project we will have all doctors’ information which are added in our web site and we will take the appointments of that doctors which is near to our home and if we have any small doubts they will clarify. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
E-Business Solution EBS stands for E-Business solutions and this project is useful for all business for maintain their employee details and what will pay roll of that employees. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
E-Classifieds This project contains all human regularly wants like real estates market and education details etc… Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
The present system EMA is a financial company. The EMA opportunity is designed in such a way, as to give the most financially incredible way of building wealth and assets. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Enterprise Resource Information System Every organization maintains data about the recruited employees; their personal details, skills, experience etc. This project contains all these features. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Enterprise Resource Planning Management System Enterprise Resource Planning Management is online system with Personal and general administration activities fully automated, like Recruitment, Employee establishment and personal information, Medical Reimbursement, Leave and Attendance, Payroll, Training etc... Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
E-Transactions The e-Transaction Interface is the designed targeted at the future banking solution for the users who is having multiple bank accounts at the multiple banks. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Flow well Water is an essential need all over the world. FLOWELL PUMP INDUSTRIES offers a wide range of submersible pumping systems, to draw the water from deepest. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Global Communication Media The main concept of Global Communication Media is developing the communication with all persons of the same organization on the net. We can compare the Global Communication Media with the Telephonic Communication. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Help Desk Helpdesk will take care of every request coming from their users and try to solve and produce the solution of the particular request. Helpdesk also will store the responses for the future use. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Hotel Management System It is “Banquet Booking System” deal with the total Hotel Automation System. Here we are mainly concentrating the problem of hotel management in manual system. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
HRMS Hr Analytics(HR ANALYTICS) is online system with Personal and general administration activities fully automated, like Recruitment, Employee establishment and personal information, Medical Reimbursement, Leave and Attendance, Payroll, Training etc... Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Image Processing1 The project entitled “Image processing” gives information about the various operations of the image. We can store the image into our own directory & display the images and we can modify our images. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
ImageProcessing2 “Image Processor” contains all the tools you need for creating, editing, and retouching your images. It is friendly enough for the casual user who wants to enhance family photographs, yet powerful enough for the professional who needs to work with Images containing maps or with Image Processing or Artificial Intelligence. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Info ware Services The Info ware Services is a system developed to maintain all the frequently asked questions in the database in sequence of subjects, to make them available to all the students. The system can be abstracted into three levels namely the super user, administrator and students. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Insurance Insurance system automates the management of insurance activities, which involves Defining Policies, Schemes, Policy Specifications, Policy Terms and Conditions, Policies registrations by the customers, Facilitates the   Premiums Flexi-Pay modes, Policy Bonus in Flexible periods. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Internet Mailing This project deals with the Mailing System. This project is having different modules like new User creation form named it as a Sign Up form and already existing user can logged into the Mailing System named it as a Sign In form. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Inventory Automated This project mainly deals with automating the tasks of Purchasing, maintaining, manufacturing and transacting the goods. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Java Bar Coder The Basic purpose of this project is to generate barcode Library using Java application, by implementing different type of algorithm. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
J Open IT JOpenIT has sections for Computers, Peripherals, Software, Employees, Support Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles, Policies, and News Items. It also has an Out of Office feature, and role (group) based permissions. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Laros Mail Laros Webmail is a fully MIME-compatible pure Java (JSP) implementation of a Web mail application. It enables the user to access, manage and compose email using a standard web browser. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Net Banking The main objective of the proposed solution is to be automated the various functions and activities of the bank through Internet. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Network Protocol Simulation The main aim of the project Protocol Simulation System is to permit the authenticated users to Better Understand the Functionalities of Different Protocols in Different Stages of Data Transfer using OSI layers. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Online Results The “online results” projects meant for inter board activities to provide environment to deliver results of different streams in the intermediate. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Online Selection The project titled “On-Line Selection System” aims at developing a system which will automate the functioning of the HR Department of Company. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Payrolls The main purpose is to issue pay-slips for their employees every month working in various departments of the organization, and maintain details of all the departments, employees with various grades, their designations and address details. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Placement Activity System   Placement Activity System is developed for creating an interactive job vacancy for candidates. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates both from the seekers as well as the companies. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Project Management Information System The Project entitled "Project Management Information System (PMIS)" deals with the various levels of project development and will account for time used in analysis, design programming, testing and verification etc Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Railway Route System Railway Route Optimization System is a product to serve to users who are tourists. It shows the graphical representation of the train route from staring point to ending point, this is very use full in now a days to know the train details Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Realtors Pro
This application involves in managing sales book, Plot management, sundry creditors and installment details. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Resource Pool This application has been developed with the core objective of addressing Project Managers, Management and HR Folks to manage their resources for project allocation. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Routing Simulator Routing is the process of finding a path from a source to every destination in the network. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Value Added Sales Tax Information System Value Added Sales Tax Information Systems (VASTIS) is an IT solution for the Value Added Tax (VAT) system. It is a software product, which aims for the automation of the APVAST Act, which was passed in Andhra Pradesh State Assembly. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Customizable filtering engine for web mail Mail Filter is a highly configurable SMTP mail filter. It will selectively reject bogus or spam mails during receipt thus saving extra storage space. Mail Filter will block unwanted mail relaying if the mailer is unable to do. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
HTTP-TCP Trace utility The project TCP/HTTP Trace utility listens on a TCP/IP port, redirects data to another port and writes traces.  Several options (search for patterns,). The httptrace utility is a java application that dumps TCP traffic (for example, HTTP requests/responses) to screen or file Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Point Of Sale It offers a range of software products and Retail Point of Sale software solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of customer requirements, streamlining business functions and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality with a ROI assurance. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
I-BANK The Internet Banking is a web-based enterprise application that automates the business functionalities of the financial institute involved in banking. The internet Banking service will led way to the services like providing information catalog of various account types to customers, applying for a new account, providing information of the company’s authorized agents, balance enquiry, funds transfer, and request for check book/address change/stop payment of check. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
TAXATION The main objective of Insurance on internet is to maintain and provide information to the end users. The system including many records like customers, policies, interest rates etc.. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
TBIS It is to reduce the manual work at telephone department offices. Every sort of task is performed by the system ,such as registering different types of applications ,enquiries, and complaints etc. reducing mush paper work and burden of file storage. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Virtual Class Room System The virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment located within a computer mediated communication system. It consists of asset of group communication and work “spaces” and facilities that are constructed in software. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Advent Executor This solution is targeted for the event management organizations. While managing the events, event mangers get in to lots of stress in scheduling the tasks, budgeting the expenses, managing the field staff etc. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Advertise Agency It is a data repository of the Advertise Agency for an organization. The agency can make publicizes on different domains throughout the city with respective to city grades, locations in city, with different type of advertisement and way of advertising (audio, video, image etc). Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Automated wish   System It is a web application for greeting, wishing  on intranet/internet. By using this Wish System users can send the wishes and greeting to their friends and know people. They can send the wish throw this system any time, at the wished date the wish will send by this application. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
BALLoT CRUSADER It is the Election campaign. Election Campaign means canvassing the party agenda, policies, and structure of the party details to the people. Ballot Crusader is aimed at assisting the Election Commission of India in conducting and monitoring the Indian Elections. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Banal Alimony Reckoner It offers a range of software products and Retail Banal Alimony Reckoner software solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of customer requirements, streamlining business functions and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
BENIDICTION SUSTENTION SYSTEM This System helps in creating and managing a data repository of the inventory of an IT resource in an organization mainly Hardware and Software Components.The IT inventory list basically consists of computers, monitors, software, network devices, printers, plotters, scanners, cartridges, etc Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Blazon Agency The agency can make publicizes on different domains throughout the city with respective to city grades, locations in city, with different type of advertisement and way of advertising (audio, video, image etc). Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Clinical InquisiTIon KERNAL It maintaining the clinical inquisitor operations carried out by World Health Organization.The samples of the Clinical inquisition carried out by the volunteers (Doctors) from various parts of the world are sent to World Health Organization for further analysis. After the analysis resultant medicine will be experimented on registrants (Patients). Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
CRM Automotive Repair Enterprise The CRM Automotive repair enterprises system is a Web application aimed to provide various types of services to vehicles. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
E-BANKING Electronic banking has been in the form of automatic teller machines and telephone transactions. More recently, it has been transformed by the Internet, a new delivery channel for banking services that benefits both customers and banks Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Forensic Manager The Forensic Manager is a web application which systematizes functions of large law firms, which have large number of clients.  

The proposed forensic manager will enable the operations of the law firms to be conducted more effectively.

Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Pharmaceutics Trailor Pharmaceutics Trailer and Research Managements a system that practically concentrates on the associative standards of the Medical diagnosis and Research Developments environments. The major problem in Drugs and pharmaceuticals industry into design or invert a new Bio-molecular combination of a chemical. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Recruitment Process System for HR Group This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central Recruitment Process System for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies, storing Applicants data, Interview process initiation, Scheduling Interviews, Storing Interview results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be generated for the use of HR group. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
SOFTWARE PROJECTS RESOURCE PLANNING TOOL Resource Planning is a key to success of any Project. The main concepts of the system are tasks on one hand and employees on the other hand. Tasks need to be completed in a certain time by a limited amount of employees with specific skills. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Tutelage Imprinter Tutelage Imprinter provides a web-based interface and supports tasks such as on-line registration, workflow and self service training programs. Tutelage Imprinter gives clients direct access to innovative solutions for the deployment, tracking and reporting of services company-wide or worldwide. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Voyager Compass The Travel Desk is required to maintain considerable information regarding to the employees, their passports, the Visa/Work-permit related information, travel information, extensions etc. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Warehouse Executer The aim of the project is to create and manage a warehouse for an organization. The warehouse executer is required to maintain considerable information regarding stores, items/ products, brands, storage types, package types and unit types. It should also maintain check in, check out, payment details. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
ERP Solutions This project focus is to cover and integrate all aspects like administration, accounts creation of the new user, and accepting the advertisements, web page creation details for their personal requirement, provide the download facilities of the created templates, and also asks you to upload any certain file/template exists with you. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Mingle Spot It makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts. You can also create and join a wide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old school mates or even exchange your favorite recipes. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Project Central It supports features such as multiple versions and project components, detailed histories, per project user permissions and multiple email notifications. Primary goal is to provide a simple, yet powerful issue tracking system easily usable by non-technical people. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Test Analyst Test Analyst is the ultimate Online Examination and E-learning solution for MNC companies, academic institutions, training centers, human resources departments, and anyone who needs to create and process their own tests. It is an excellent test management, which offers a complete solution for Computer Based Test (CBT). We can generate our own unique tests in any area and administer the tests. It keeps all the records of conducted exams, score reports and other info. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Back to My Village It is to provide service to the charity group of professionals those want to voluntarily contribute in their village/town’s development. Issues like Primary education, people’s health, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure are on main focus among others. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Customer Service Desk It has a number of ways to provide support to our Customers. The system should have a capability to integrate with any service provider from any domain or industry like banking, telecom, railways etc Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
Telecom connection system This project is to automate the services provided by telecom companies, by which customer can use all the services online. Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle
AMS Arts&Science College for women This project deals with students and faculty attendance, in this project we are having 3 users like students, faculty and Attendance coordinator.  Students have permissions like checking attendance and checking classes timings, coming to faculty we are having 4 things like checking attendance, proxyTo, leave management and set schedule of the classes and finally coming to Attendance coordinator he will give attendance to students and faculty, checking request from faculties and giving permissions Frontend: java, Backend: Oracle


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