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Testing Tool

       Our Testing team work on the web based applications, window based applications design works, all need a intensive testing, as the applications will always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of the testing which should be done are;

Integration testing

Stress testing

Scalability testing

load testing

resolution testing

cross-browser compatibility testing.

Both automated testing and manual testing should be done without fail. For example it’s needed to test fast loading graphics and to calculate their loading time, as they are very important for any web site. There are certain testing tools as well as some online testing tools which can help the testers to test their applications.

After doing all the testing a live testing is necessary for web sites and web based applications. After uploading the site there should be a complete testing(E.g.. Links test)

Input: The site, Requirement specifications, supporting documents, technical specifications and technical documents.
Output: Completed application/site, testing reports, error logs, frequent interaction with the developers and designers.

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