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PG Diploma in VLSI Design  
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The Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design focuses on imparting an overall exposure to the concept and design methodologies of all major aspects of VLSI engineering relevant to the industry’s needs. The program is designed to effectively bridge the wide gap between the VLSI curricula of universities and industry’s needs.
This TENSAS Certified Program offers an in-depth hands-on training on various design methodologies ranging from Advanced Digital System Design to Deep Submicron ASIC Design Flow, covering a broad spectrum of EDA Tools flow, which plays a vital role in molding a fresh Engineering graduate into a skilled VLSI professional.

The course is comprehensive and rigorous, enabling the student to quickly ramp up to the level of real-world project readiness thus enhancing his/ her career prospects in the industry.

news Arithmetic Circuits
news Basic data processing circuits
news Combinational Logic design
news Latches and Flip Flops
news Shift registers and counters
news Sequential Logic design
news State Machines
news Design examples and case studies
news Introduction
news Design Units
news Language Constructs
news Design Styles
news Concurrent and Sequential Elements
news State Machines
news Memories
news Functions and Procedures
news File I/O Operations
news Test Bench Design and Coding
news Case Studies - FIR Filter / Telecom Transmitter
news Language Constructs
news Modeling Combinatorial and Sequential Circuits
news Design & Modeling recommendations
news Verification
news Design Examples
news Interdiction to Verilog Test bench and stimulus generation
news Interdiction to VHDL Test bench and stimulus generation
news Interdiction to Specman e-language
news Interdiction to Vera language
news Interdiction to Static timing analysis
news ASIC/FPGA Verification methodology and Board validation Techniques
news Programmable Logic Devices
news CPLD Families Architecture
news Virtex-II and Virtex-4/5 Architecture
news Xilinx Design Flow
news Timing Constraints
news Implementation Details
news Synchronous Design Techniques
news Advanced FPGA Design tips
news Device Programming
news Device debug techniques using chipscope
news Introduction to VLSI Design Methodologies
news Review of MOS Transistor Theory
news Static CMOS Logic Circuits
news CMOS Inverter
news Basic Combinational Logic Circuits
news Pass Transistor Logic Circuits
news Transmission Gates
news Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuits
news Basics of CMOS Analog Design
news Simulation with SPICE
news Mixed Signal Design Methodology and the Design Flow
news Behavioral Modeling Concepts
news Mixed Signal Simulation
news Transistor Models and Process Files
news Case Studies - VCO: Analysis and Design
news PLL: Multi Abstraction Simulation
news EDA Tools Used: Design Architect IC, ELDO and Advance MS
news At the end of the course all the trainees will be put into industry oriented projects to get real time experience.
  • Telecom Standards - T1-T5, E1-E5
  • SONET/SDH and its applications
  • Wireless communication—WLAN, GSM, 3G and UWB
  • Signals & Systems, Z-Transforms, and Digital Filter Design, Spectral Analysis - DFT & FFT
  • Digital Multipliers Design on FPGAs
  • DSP algorithms on FPGAs
news Sun Solaris Platform
news Linux
news Design Specifications
news RTL Design & Documentation
news Test bench design and documentation
news Coding and Verification, Synthesis Report, P & R Report.
news Twenty weeks regular full time course inclusive of four to six week industry standard project
news Eligibility
  • BE / ME in EE, E&C, CSE, IT, Telecom, Instrumentation or MSc Electronics.
news Selection Process
  • Written Test
  • 50 objective type questions. For written test you have to first register with us
  • Candidates short-listed based on their Academics and Performance in Written test will be called for Final Round of Interview (Technical) in Hyderabad
news Subjects to be referred
  • Basics of Digital and Analog Electronics
  • Microprocessor Fundamentals
  • General Aptitude
  • Basics of Programming
news XML benefits
news XML in practice
news XML documents
news Syntax
news Case sensitive
news Element names
news DTD
news Document Prolog
news CDATA sections
news Basic rules
news Creating a simple XML File
news DTD (document type declaration)
news XML and AJAX
news XML, DOM and JavaScript
news Server side creation of XML
news Receiving XML responses at the client
news Displaying XML data without XSLT
news Populating DIV and SPAN elements
- With text
- With formatted HTML/XHTML
news Positioning DIV and SPAN elements
news Populating form elements
news Displaying XML data with XSLT
news Understanding the role of XSLT
news A simple XSLT example
news Using XSLT with AJAX
news Defining, calling, and applying templates
news Basic XSLT flow control
news The xsl:stylesheet element
news The xsl:template Element and match attribute
news The xsl:apply-template Element and select attribute
news The xsl:value-of element
news The xsl:for-each element
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